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2022. UAE, Dubai



As a winner of Majid Al Futtaim Launchpad X, Reform was selected due to its outstanding innovation, creativity, and growth potential focused on sustainable luxury fashion.

2021.Egypt, Cairo



This award was proudly presented to Hend Riad and Mariam Hazem, co-founders of Reform Studio. They created an environmentally sustainable fabric made of plastic. 

2021.Egypt, Cairo

Cairo Design Award

About the award; The award, with its diverse categories, rigorously evaluates submissions, established as Egypt's pioneering platform for design distinction, Cairo Design Award (CDA) has now evolved to shine on the international stage, showcasing excellence in design and innovation not just from Egypt but from all corners of the globe. 

Serving as a nexus for the finest designers, CDA stands as a testament to the incredible achievements within the global design sector. Every year, it beckons designers from around the planet, each aspiring ensuring that creativity and innovation remain paramount. CDA's commitment to spotlighting and uplifting the design community has transitioned from celebrating Egypt's thriving design scene to heralding the best of global design brilliance. 

2020.France, Paris

Fonds de Dotation Maison Mode Méditerrané 

La principale motivation pour se développer dans l’industrie de la mode est en partie grâce à l’opportunité qu’elle offre d’utiliser des tissus « Plastex » dans un secteur unique comme la mode qui aidera la marque à accroître facilement son impact environnemental et social, à diffuser la sensibilisation et à faire une différence.

L’innovation se concentre sur la transformation des sacs en plastique en nouvelle matière première qui présente des avantages environnementaux, sociaux et économiques. Nous souhaitons aussi collaborer avec d’autres designers méditerranéens.

2019.Italy, Milan

Ro Guiltess Plastic By Rossana Orlandi

2019 By Rossana Orlandi, Home Textiles category Winners

Hend Riad & Mariam Hazem are the cofounders of Reform Studio, an international awarded lifestyle brand based in Cairo, Egypt. Directly after the 2011 revolution in Egypt, they were excited to be part of the great change around them, eager to make a stand and make a difference. The feeling of responsibility towards serving their society and environment gave them the motivation to try to solve some of the major problems in Egypt through their invention “Plastex”. After graduation, they focused on design research and development and they founded Reform Studio in 2012.

2019 New York, United States Golden Award


The ADC Annual Awards, part of The One Club for Creativity,  is the oldest continuously running industry award show in the world. Now heading into its incredible 98th year, these Awards celebrate the very best in advertising, digital media, graphic and publication design, packaging and product  design, motion, experiential and spatial design, photography, illustration and fashion design all with a focus on artistry and craftsmanship. 

2019 USA , NYC Africa Innovators List.

One hundred women 

Hend Riad and Mariam Hazem, the Cairo-based duo  behind Reform Studio, understand the need to turn  one of mankind’s most damaging materials into reusable items that we not only need to buy, but want to buy. Created in 2012, Reform Studio turns plastic into into a material they call “Plastex,” which is then used to design beautiful and practical items from backpacks to rugs.

2018 Casablanca, Morocco, Most Innovative

African Entrepreneurship award

The African Entrepreneurship Awards, powered by BMCE Bank of Africa is a $1 million award launched in 2015. So far the Award has disbursed USD $2M to 21 businesses across 14 countries in Africa in 2 years.

2017, South Africa, Innovators list

Quartz Africa

Write some content about your products, collections or brand. Use image or video to create an impactful layout.

2014,France , ParisI nternational business plan.

Cartier’s women Initiative

The cartier women’s initiative awards (CWIA) are hard to sum 6 up. On the surface it is an awards program that selects candidates. all 18 laureates each year from a final group of the candidates are women, and all have been through several layers of selection before the final week in singapore. Initial contenders. making 3000 this year there were close to it to cohort here.

2014, Italy , ComoSustainable Products & Green Design

A design award

The A' Design Awards and Competition is an annual scheme that honours exemplary design projects, judged by a panel of industry experts.Reform’s products  has been awarded the Silver A’ Design Award 2014 under the theme of A’ Sustainable Products.

2013, Italy , MilanoDesign & Craftsmanship


Reform Studio who tackled and won the challenge of re-using an often overlooked material like plastic bags.The Plastex fabric changes the meaning of the material and becomes a strong, durable, water resistant and sun, sand and dust-tolerant fabric, revitalizing the field of local Egyptian weaving and conveys an important message of ethical responsibility in a direct and concrete manner.

2013,Egypt, Cairo

USAID, Mobaderon Masr

Reform is an award-winning design studio based in Cairo, Egypt , founded by product designers Mariam Hazem and Hend Riad. With an urgent sense of commitment to the world and believing that doing what you love brings out the most of what you can do, Hazem and Riad were inspired by traditional Egyptian culture and were eager to create a better quality of life through design.

2012,Egypt, Cairo

Egypt design industry competition

Throughout the last 4 years the DESIGN +INDUSTRY  competition was made with different concepts with the aim to link industry with design, including but not limited to - green thinking, innovation in technology & materials, promising startup ideas, Design incubators or Ideal Home project in Egypt.