REBEL Fanny Bag 03]

REBEL Fanny Bag 03]

$ 128

REBEL Series 03 Collection

“Rebellers Can Never Be Tamed”
Still facing the fear of the pandemic by living one day at a time. REFORM considers this sequel collection as an active movement to support sustainable change in our world today.

Continuing our nonstop Rebellious movement through “REBEL series 03 Collection”, because there is no planet B, our voices must go on. As we too live one day at a time, we decided to celebrate every piece in this collection by saluting every living being, those who follow what they believe, do things their own way and take the world by storm.

You and us, we and them side by side together we are breaking the traditional norms to create a better future. Do Better, whether you are he or she or even it, as it’s time to unit not collide,


We produce products created by people’s love and not machines, we honor their craft and share our stories through every special piece in this collection. Each item has its identity where it comes with its own label that expresses the impact of each piece as a part of the design.

Label Material: Washable, waterproof fiber
Dimensions: 25.5L X14.5H X 4.5W cm

Your Social & Environmental Impact

Reused Plastic Bags
Craftsmen’s Work

How It’s Made

  • 100% handmade; produced to revive an old craft and empowering local communities.
  • Made by empowered women.
  • Made in Egypt.

Note: Please note that due to the handmade nature of this product, there will always be some variations in color, texture and size.

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