Duality Face Note Book

Duality Face Note Book

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Duality Note Book;
The Notebook graphics is inspired by a project by Reform that was displayed at the Gouna Film Festival 2021. The concept was about redesign and reusing old sets & props that were forgotten over the years.

Graphic Story;
We’re all familiar with the white gloomy operation door playing its key role in a super intense dramatic movie scene, reminding us of a feeling we’re all trying to avoid/evert.
However, for us, this door was love at first sight, where we saw it as an empty canvas begging to be unleashed into the wildness. Emotional Design was our approach in redesigning this beautiful door,  upcycling its role from a sorrowful one into cheerful role-playing with a duality twist of authentic characters.

Dimensions: 20 x 13.5 cm (40 pages)


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