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32 chips’ bags, 5 crafty humans and 1 skilled tailor sums up this year’s give-away during the Democratic Design Days in Älmhult, Sweden.

Reusing Packaging Waste

“Problems are an important source of inspiration to us. Whenever we start working on a new project, we walk the streets to observe people’s daily lives.”

It was from this starting point that we approached this project, which was part of a collaboration between IKEA and a group of designers, architects, artists and creatives from South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, Egypt, Angola, Ivory Coast and Rwanda, to design an African-style homeware collection called Överallt.

We used design as our platform, and our conscience as fuel, and set to work to study the local habits of discarding waste in Egypt. We learned that our waste problem is due to the discarding of every day used items, and we wanted to turn this problem into something positive, thereby turning what could be waste into a creative bespoke fashion line.

Our contribution to the collection included four pieces, a woven rug made from discarded snack food packaging, an aquatic blue cushion, and two tote bags. The two bags and the cushion are all made from eco-materials as well, and they were made by weaving threads of packaging waste through hand looms.




“LOGHZ” is back with an innovation | With eyes on the future and the social responsibility we have towards our environment we are bringing you “LOGHZ” leather boots. A collaboration with ELIA which merges the beauty of up-cycling materials with the latest fashion fads to produce a unique pair of shoes. This serves as a token of appreciation to our environment which has long given us from its endless bounties.


The origin of the name “NALA” comes from the Swahili meaning of GIFT, “Nala” mules is your colorful gift for the summer. A collaboration with ELIA.


“Sarabi” slippers | A collaboration with ELIA which merges the beauty of up-cycling materials with the latest fashion fads. The origin of the name “Sarabi” comes from the swahili meaning of MIRAGE. It couldn’t have expressed the notion behind the sandals in a better way. For it portrays the beauty behind an unclear image, which holds so much beauty once it is seen from a clearer perspective. .


Reform - Pictogram - 1


Wasted plastic bags were re-used.

Reform - Pictogram - 2


Craft-mans worked on this collections.



Housewives effort, are in this collections.


Our Eco-beach mat is collaboration between Sandbox and Reform to enjoy the festival with a vibrant portable mat, that you can move around with easily. Dancing then chilling by the beach with your mates on your Eco-mat.

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