I Used To Be a Plastic Bag.

Plastex is a new designed material made from reused plastic bags. The idea is to prolong the life cycle of plastic bags before it gets labeled as ‘trash’. The average period of usage of a single-use plastic bag is only 12 minutes! For a material that takes years to degrade, using it as a disposable item is not practical at all. The discarded plastic bags create significant negative impact on the environment, not to mention the amount of wasted energy resources that could have been used elsewhere. By looking at plastic bags as a raw material rather than waste, we’ve been able to transform it into a new durable eco-friendly handmade fabric.

Plastex is designed to raise awareness about how we define waste and the possibilities behind reusing what was once destined to become ‘trash’.

The process

The process juxtaposes a traditional weaving technique and an unusual material; Plastic bags are interwoven on a traditional Egyptian handloom. Reform aims to help revive the weaving industry- a craft that is on the brink of extinction, and consequently increase work opportunities across Egypt and empower local communities.

The Material

The material was officially tested and was proven to be durable, strong, washable and tolerant to sand and dust.

The Patterns

Reform studio has developed four different patterns for the material: Plain, Stripes, Zebra and Plaid. And since plastic bags are manufactured in a variety of colors, so is the material. This also enables the production of unique limited number of pieces depending on the current availability of colors.


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